Free Shipping Costs for orders that exceed the following amounts in each case:

  • € 50 (VAT included) in the case of national shipments (excluding Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) and shipments to Portugal (excluding islands and extra-border).
  • € 300 (VAT included) for shipments to European countries, except for extra-border territories and islands, in which this delivery service is operational (See list of countries included in the following section)


In those cases in which the amount of the order does not reach the amount set in the previous section, the shipping costs detailed in the following table will be charged, where the possible destinations are listed together with the amount of shipping costs associated with each one of them:



(Excluido Islas, Ceuta y Melilla)

3,00 €

Canary Islands

Up to orders of 5 Kg.

23,00 €

Balears Islands2

Up to orders of 5 Kg.

15,00 €

(Excluding Islands and zones extra-border)

22,00 €

(Excluding Islands and zones extra-border)

22,00 €

(Excluido Islas)

3,00 €

(1) Customs clearance costs and associated shipping taxes are paid by the customer.

(2) For orders over 5 Kg, the customer will be informed of the cost of shipping costs. If the client accepts this amount, it will have to be paid according to the payment conditions thereof. If you do not accept this amount, and if a prepayment has been made, it will be fully refunded.